Geoffrey Long
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The challenge is an online encyclopedia of otolaryngology created by David Bradley, the publisher of The Atlantic Monthly, and authored by six of the top voice surgeons in the United States. The challenge, therefore, was unifying their unique writing styles and presenting such a vast array of information in a way that is both attractive and easy to use.

The solution

My role with was Electronic Production Editor, which meant that the creation and management of the actual website was my job. Working on my team were David Seitzinger, who spearheaded the site design, Hillary Tisdale, who did a great deal of the coding and photo editing, and Jason Treat, who designed the logo. Dr. Pranav Kothari and Dr. Vicky Herrera coordinated efforts with the doctors and unified their content. The final result of our combined efforts is one of the best laryngeal resources available online today, and its content is currently being syndicated through numerous medical sites across the web.

The tools was built using HTML, ASP, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Adobe Photoshop.



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