Geoffrey Long
Goldworld Bones of the Angel The Big Lie That Solves Everything Screening Process Schlimmer Dreamrunners Small States
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Video, Motion Graphics and Film Production

When I got the chance in college to start doing animation, I jumped at it. I began using Bryce to do frame-by-frame 3D animations and Adobe Premiere to do Ken Burns-style compositions, and by the time I graduated I had assembled a short demo reel that wasn't half bad for an English major.

These days, I'm using Final Cut Pro, Motion and Flash to explore digital video and cel animation, and tinkering with serious 3D animation tools such as Maya and After Effects in my spare time. My recent video projects include producing three short films for Tohubohu Productions, a small film troupe I helped found with some friends.

I've included those three films, Schlimmer, Screening Process (which won Best Romance in the 2004 National Film Challenge) and The Big Lie That Solves Everything and several of the projects I did in college, as well as a taste of the animated work I'm doing now on my own. In the future, I plan to continue working with Tohubohu and making experiments on my own – perhaps even something along the lines of digital video poetry.