Geoffrey Long
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The challenge

MedHire is a new medical staffing service whose goal is to provide the best matches between employers and candidates while providing the easiest, friendliest and most straightforward experience possible. The founder had contracted the back-end development to a third party, and it was my job to develop the language and interface.

The solution

I'd developed database-driven sites before, so creating a UI for this site wasn't exactly foreign territory, but it was certainly a sizeable project. Each step of the job search process had to be designed: the feature tour, the user registration, the search form, the search results, the saved jobs list, and so on – and then the same thing had to be done from the employers' side as well. While it was a huge job, making a complicated system easy and fun to use made this project hugely satisfying when it was completed.

The tools was developed using HTML, ColdFusion, JavaScript, CSS, Macromedia Flash and Adobe Photoshop.



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