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Inkblots Magazine

The challenge

Inkblots Magazine has been a project of mine since 1994. Since that time, it has gone from a small print literary 'zine produced at Staples to a popular webzine featuring fiction and poetry, essays, artwork and critiques from some of the best writers on the scene today. The constant challenge is how to keep the magazine vibrant and interesting without it taking up too much time (as the site is free and accepts no advertising).

The solution

Inkblots trades primarily on its reputation and its ever-expanding circle of friends. By relying on the contributors' personal networks to recruit new writers and artists, we manage to keep our quality high and our overhead low. Recently we have featured such creative luminaries as Derek Powazek, Kevin Smokler, Matt Haughey, Ben Brown, William R. Coughlan, Jay Allen, Ernie Hsiung, Leia Scofield and Kristian Olson. We are constantly searching for new talent, and we unveil a new edition every quarter.

The tools is created using Adobe Photoshop and BBEdit, and is mostly hand-coded using HTML, JavaScript, PHP and CSS.



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