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Andy Rozsa
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Andy Rozsa

The challenge

My friend Andy Rozsa is a composer, a writer and a professional bass trombonist, currently playing with the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra. We were talking about his future career plans, and we decided to create a site to help promote his art and land him some new gigs.

The solution

The redesign used rich, warm colors, centered around a fantastic photo of a trombone. In addition, we also went out on a photo shoot of our own, snapping pictures of Andy with his trombone around Chicago.

After the redesign launched, Andy sent an invite around to all his friends and others in the industry. As a result, he did indeed land a new gig – the resident musician at a school in New Mexico.

The tools was built using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Adobe Photoshop. The photo shoot was done using a Canon Digital Rebel.



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