Geoffrey Long
Zoe in the Chair Witch A Ghost and Its Bat Crescent Moon with Bats Ghost Listening to Records Ghost Reading a Book Ghost with Kitty Ghost with Pumpkin Ghosts in Love
Pumpkin Self-Portrait, When I Am Old Callie's Trailer Treeline Diner Skyline Flint Self-Portrait A Djorum Hurries Home With Its Prey
Tik-a-Tok Beast PyTV Absinthe Robotte Victoria Ravenswood Miracle Media Spread Opening GAMBIT Eurydice Orpheus Beneath the Gaze of the Old Man Cliffs
Dominic Ravi Kletjian Jameel Davis Stephen Wright Hacker Cave Bug Mayan The Descent Giant Head
Underground City Jellyfish Ghost Train: Station Agent Ghost Train: Gyrphalx Ocean Office Who's Driving? Vincent Michael Michael (Firefight)
Ms. J Ms. J Hippie Transcience New Beetle Mother's Day PowerBook G4 Schooner 100 Bowls

My grandmother was an art teacher, so any talent I possess I likely picked up at her knee, or through her DNA. My work has lately been a mix of Michael Schwab and Mike Mignola – one part cartoons, one part comics, and one part graphic design. Most of the hand-drawn images posted here are personal works. Works done for hire can also be found in the Print and Online sections, as components of other projects.

In 2015 my wife Laura and I launched The Mystery Barn Trading Company, an online gallery/Etsy shop for our collaborative creations, beginning with a run of 6x6 acrylic-and-woodboard paintings with an autumn/Halloween theme. I do most of the original sketches, and she creates the paintings. It's a pretty awesome combination.