Geoffrey Long
Cultural Axis Partners

Cultural Axis Partners

The challenge

Cultural Axis Partners, LLC was in a bit of a tight spot. Their site, while functional, had a very early-Internet feel to it. Their business - a blend of cultural programming, event coordination and partnership development – was beginning to boom, and while they had fairly strong ideas as to what they wanted their site to be someday, but they were stuck for the short term with very limited content, time and resources. The question became, "How do you make a web site for a big company that's not big yet?"

The answer

The solution was to lay the groundwork for a site that could grow organically from a streamlined beginning into a feature-rich maturity. The new look-and-feel was designed to be a clean evolution of their existing print identity, with a whimsically elegant spin on it to add a little texture. In addition, the information architecture and layout were both designed to allow for photography, testimonials and case studies to be added in incremental updates with minimal hassle. Perhaps the best of all, however, was the way the site was developed almost in real time, with very close client interaction and "editing sessions" being done on a laptop over coffee. From initial contact to launch, creation of the first version took less than a month and the resulting site was clean, elegant and inviting.

The tools

This site was built using Photoshop, ImageReady, HTML and Javascript.



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