Geoffrey Long
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I was always one of those kids who was happier with a book or crayons than with a baseball glove. I learned to read at a pretty early age, and it wasn't long before I was writing my own stories, illustrating them, and showing them around to all my friends. I began publishing my first magazine in elementary school, and I was soon winning prizes for my stories. For me, though, the joy in these creations was equal parts storytelling and design.

This love for combining content and aesthetics has continued throughout the rest of my work, from launching the print edition of Inkblots in high school to designing websites and animations in college. Great marketing pieces all engage the audience in a form of storytelling, where the character of the company itself takes center stage. I love bringing that character to the forefront and making that audience smile, nod, and want to continue. Whether that involves purchasing tickets, turning pages or bringing a product home and into their lives is up to the client.