Geoffrey Long
Renaissance Health
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Renaissance Health

The challenge

Renaissance Health is a startup aiming to use cutting-edge technology to bring classic values back to healthcare, such as housecalls and family doctors. They needed an impressive yet elegant way to present their initial presentation to investors, and they needed to develop it quickly and affordably.

The answer

The resulting book was actually built using a Kolo photo album. By removing the stock middle pages and replacing them with glossy heavy-weight pages produced on a high-end laser printer, we created a beautiful presentation complete with translucent flysheets on a shoestring budget, and could make changes very efficiently.


In addition to the print materials, I designed their identity package. The lettering is an Emigre font designed to feel simultaneously classical and modern, by use of the old style letters with a sans serif twist. Just like the company itself, its identity was a fusion of high-tech and classic ideology.

The tools

The Renaissance Health investor presentation was produced using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.



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