Geoffrey Long
Caliban's Blues

Caliban's Blues

The concept

This piece was born from a daydream during a spectacularly boring English Lit lecture. "Caliban from Shakespeare's The Tempest had a pretty rough life. What would it sound like if Caliban sang the blues?"

Out of such absurd concepts comes great fun. After a page full of doodles and some quality time with Illustrator, I had my answer. I dressed the wild man up in a purple zoot suit, gave him a gold sax and glittering eyes to match, and gave him green skin and gremlin ears to match his devilish appearance.

Of course, this swingin' Caliban needed a setting, so I placed him into a poster for an imaginary retelling of The Tempest in a smoky nightclub: Caliban's Blues. Hey, you never know when a Hollywood scout might come knocking.

The tools

Caliban's Blues was produced using Illustrator and Photoshop.



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