Geoffrey Long


The challenge

Hika is the oldest student literary magazine at Kenyon College, and is distributed free of charge to the Kenyon student body twice during the year. The challenge: they had already gone over budget on the year's first issue, and now they didn't know how they were going to afford to publish the second.

The answer

While Hika had a very dedicated staff working on the content, I was the first one on board who knew anything about digital publishing. Although I was officially billed as 'designer,' I was more of an all-purpose publisher. The editors sent me their word documents and an envelope of artwork, and I scanned the pictures, re-edited the content for missed typos and corrections, did all the layout and some logo work (the sunflower at right was used in the Spring edition), made suggestions to the editorial board and tracked down a printer that could work within our budget. The digital printer I found produced the new edition for almost a third of their previous costs, with near-zero loss of print quality. I also provided a photo-montage work, The Divide, for the Spring edition.

The tools

Hika was produced using PageMaker, Illustrator and Photoshop.



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