Geoffrey Long
Innovention Department


The concept

"Sometimes all a dream needs is a beacon to show it the way."

One of the first advertising concepts for Dreamsbay Media Labs, this piece was designed to recruit "digital wizards, storytellers and new media magicians" to our growing group of dreamers. The idea was, the combination of creativity and technology would result in what we called 'innovention' – a cross between innovation and invention. In reality, this ad never made it any further than my home page at Kenyon in 1998. Nevertheless, this remains one of my favorite pieces. While the lighthouse (made in what was then KPT Bryce) doesn't exactly convey a warm feeling, there is a quietly magical feeling about it.

The lighthouse theme would haunt me for the next couple of years, finally resurfacing as a linchpin image in my English comps, a screenplay called Small States. Ironic, considering that I grew up landlocked in the middle of the Ohio woods.

The tools

Innovention was produced using PageMaker, Bryce 2 and Photoshop.



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