Geoffrey Long
Kenyon College Hillel

Kenyon College Hillel

The challenge

When the Kenyon College Hillel needed a logo redesign and several posters crafted for the year's guest lecturers, I was happy to volunteer.

The answer

For the Howard Schwartz lecture, the client wanted something elegant, yet eye-catching. The topic, Jewish Tales of the Supernatural, quickly brought me back to my childhood love of ghost stories. A a golem's head and hands emerging from the fog with a portrait of Schwartz worked nicely. The group liked the elegance of the poster's general layout so much that the second lecture used the same template, minus the golem. The posters were a solid success with both the Hillel members and the lecturers themselves. The logo went on to be featured on T-shirts.

The tools

The logo was created in Adobe Illustrator, and the posters were created using Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.



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