Geoffrey Long
Kenyon Philosophy Department

Kenyon College Philosophy Department

The challenge

As my advisor in the Philosophy Department at Kenyon, Professor Andy Pessin was also well aware of my interest in design. So when the Department needed posters designed for the two speeches to be presented in its lecture series, he called me into his office and presented me with the job. In both cases, the department needed something straightforward, elegant and economical.

The answer

The first lecture, Jonathan Maskit's On What There Is and What Is To Be Done, was a quick job with no budget, and we elected to use Kenyon's usual form of on-campus promotions: 8.5 x 11 photocopied one-sheets. I wanted a little more flair, though, so I designed something that could be produced quickly on an laserjet printer.

The poster for Edward Pols' The Mind as Cause: Redefining the Mind-Body Problem had more time and money attached, so we decided on spot color and a glossy finish. Both Pessin and Pols were suitably impressed with the results.

The tools

The Maskit poster was produced using Bryce, PageMaker and Illustrator. The Pols poster was the first piece of work I'd done using InDesign, in addition to the usual Illustrator and Photoshop.



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