Geoffrey Long
Deli Life
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So New Media, Deli Life

The challenge

Ben Brown, the owner of So New Media, had an interesting problem on his hands. SNM was getting ready to publish Deli Life by Jami Attenberg, a collection of short stories all about New York delis. The problem: how to bring the feeling of a NYC deli to a small book?

The answer

The solution was a multi-pronged approach. The cover is a close-up shot of a cup of coffee, the back cover is a montage of photographs from delis, and each chapter begins with a photograph of some object usually found in a deli (an OPEN sign, a sandwich, et cetera). But we weren't finished there.


The defining touches were to be found in the packaging. Each copy of Deli Life is delivered wrapped in wax paper, just like a deli sandwich. And, bundled with each copy, is – of course – a Deli Life pickle bookmark.

If you'd like a copy, the finished product is available for purchase from So New Media for $6.00.

The tools

Deli Life was produced using InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.



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