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On the Future of Comics.

On October 23rd, I had the great pleasure of co-hosting Geek Speaks: The Future of Comics with Henry Jenkins. I was thrilled to not only reunite Henry with the one and only Scott McCloud for a one-on-one discussion on McCloud’s Reinventing Comics almost 15 years later, but to then get to chair a panel of […]


New in the Portfolio.

I took some time this weekend to update my portfolio. Some highlights: Interactive Tangible Storytelling (2014) How might 3D printers be used as a component of a transmedia storytelling campaign? Augmented Storytelling (2014) How might wearable computing devices be used to tell unique, hyperpersonalized stories? The Lighthouse in the Woods (2014) What 360-degree, non-game storytelling […]


Apple Watch (This Space).

It’s no secret that I’ve been an Apple fanboy for a long, long time. I’ve always owned, used, and loved Macs, and my few dark experiments with Windows, Linux and Android have never (at least, not yet) ended well. I was definitely among the throngs feverishly awaiting Apple’s foray into the wearables market, and when […]


The Future of Publishing.

A few months ago, I had the honor of organizing and moderating a keynote panel for the sixth Media in Transition conference here at MIT. Our title (and topic) was “The Future of Publishing”, and MIT World has just published the video recording of it online. I’ve embedded a copy of it here (all 94 […]


On Vooks and Transmedia Resistance.

On April 4, 2009, the New York Times ran a piece by Brad Stone called “Is This the Future of the Digital Book?“. In it, Stone writes: Bradley Inman wants to create great fiction, dramatic online video and compelling Twitter stream — and then roll them all into a multimedia hybrid that is tailored to […]


On storybots.

Yesterday I had an amazing meeting with several of my friends and coworkers to discuss a new possible project coming down the pike, and although I can’t tell you what that project is yet, it wound up triggering some intense late-night thinking. How do robots tell stories? We’ve all seen robots as characters – C-3PO […]