Geoffrey Long

(6.5MB 7'34 QuickTime movie. High-res [17.7MB] version here.)

Screening Process (A Loser's Guide to Love)

The challenge

In October of 2004, the newly-minted Tohubohu Productions reassembled for the National Film Challenge, a competition where teams of filmmakers all over America convened to make short films in 72 hours. On Friday night, we were assigned a genre (romance), a character (a dog walker), and a line of dialogue ("You caught me at a bad time"), and the finished work had to be FedExed to the judges by noon on Monday.

The answer

Screening Process is a romantic comedy where our hero, Kevin, attempts to woo women using the only tools he has: bad 80s movies. The film itself was a hit, ranking in the top 15 films in the country and taking Best in Genre, Romance.

My role

Once again, my primary role in this project was producer – essentially the chief cat herder. I helped assemble the team, keep things flowing smoothly, and oversaw the project from start to finish. I also created the logo animation, helped frame a few of the shots, created the title artwork at the start of the film, wrote some of the music, helped with shot logging, capture and editing, and finally even had a cameo in the film – in the bar scene, I'm the guy in the back playing the saxophone.


The tools

Screening Process was shot using a Canon XL-1S and a Canon GL-1, then edited using Final Cut Pro HD. The logo animation was done using Apple Motion.



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