Geoffrey Long

Bones of the Angel proof of concept

The challenge

One of my first creative challenges as a student at MIT was to create a visual narrative. I took this as an opportunity to conduct an experiment: could an animated film or TV series be created with almost zero budget?

The answer

The answer – well, one answer – is yes. This model augments the animated illustration technique used in children's shows like Reading Rainbow with environmental audio, mixed-media components and textures, like the animated paper effect. Coupled with a hybrid of radio play and audiobook, this technique could be very, very effective as a cheap storytelling technique.

My role

Pretty much everything; in this version the music was borrowed from the amazing cellist Zoe Keating. Future versions will include an original soundtrack from Andy Rozsa and voiceovers from the Tohubohu acting troupe.

The tools

The Bones of the Angel concept model was produced usng Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Photoshop CS, a Bluetooth Wacom tablet, Apple Final Cut Pro 5, Apple Motion, and Ambrosia Software's Snapz Pro X.



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