Geoffrey Long

Inkblots Promo

The challenge

Like the KSAI promo, this animated ad for Inkblots was intended to be a bell and whistle for the CD-ROM version of this portfolio. Originally I'd intended there to be animations for most of the works in this site, but once I began migrating the portfolio online, I narrowed the selection down to these two.

The answer

This animation was kept a little more simple than the KSAI clip. I wanted to pass a series of screenshots over each other in a smooth, elegant montage to make readers' eyes skip from screen to screen just quickly enough to intrigue them but not feel rushed.

The tools

This promo was assembled in the same way as the KSAI clip: screenshots were transformed into texture maps in Photoshop, then applied to thin slabs in Bryce. The animated clips were then compiled in Premiere.



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