Geoffrey Long

(19.8MB 8'07 QuickTime movie. Low-res [10.8MB] version here.)


The challenge

In May of 2004, I teamed up with a group of my friends in the Washington, DC area to form Tohubohu Productions, a small independent film company. Our first gig was the 48 Hour Film Project, a citywide contest where Washington, DC-area filmmakers assembled to create short films in a weekend. On Friday, we were assigned a genre (mystery), a character (a photographer), a prop (a rubber duck), and a line of dialogue ("You know I love the..."), and by Sunday night we had to have a finished movie.

The answer

Schlimmer is an off-the-wall whodunit. A small group of collectors has assembled at one of their houses to witness the unveiling of a new acquisition, the super-rare schlimmer. When the schlimmer goes missing, chaos breaks out as they try to find the thief.

My role

My primary role in Tohubohu is as producer – it's my responsibility to organize the team, make sure everything fits together properly, and keep everything rolling. In addition, I also helped write the script, designed the logo and created the website at the end of the movie.

The tools

Schlimmer was shot using a Canon XL-1S and a Canon GL-1. It was the edited using Final Cut Pro. The logo and website were created using Adobe Photoshop.



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