Geoffrey Long

(5.3MB 0'30 QuickTime movie. Low-res [6MB] version here.)

Goldworld Pitch Animatic

The challenge

In my second semester at MIT, I enrolled in a Creative Industries class with Chris Weaver, the founder of Bethesda Softworks. Our first assignment was to draft a thirty-second pitch for a video game idea. How in the world do you pitch a huge, complicated game idea in thirty seconds?

The answer

Most of the class simply got up in front of the class and spoke, but me being me, I decided to make a video. The idea was to load it onto a video iPod that one could whip out when making one's pitch to someone on the fly. It's extremely short and extremely rough, but it also proved extremely effective – when it came time to vote on which three or four pitches teams would flesh out into full game pitches, mine came in first place.

My role

Everything. I wrote the script, drew the pictures, animated everything and created the soundtrack.

The tools

The Goldworld pitch trailer was created in less than 24 hours using hand-drawn illustrations, Adobe Photoshop, Apple GarageBand, and Final Cut Pro.

Moving forward

This is only the pitch video, done quickly in order to convey an idea. By the end of the semester another version of this will be done with the help of three of my classmates and will be more of a professional game pitch, hopefully animated in more detail with better art, better music and colorized.



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