Geoffrey Long

MoleskineI never believed that my poetry was any good until I attended a summer writing camp with Martin Espada back in high school. I was completely focused on my fiction, but he kept prodding me to keep working on my poetry. I'm very glad that he did. Today, poems are still a quiet side project after my writing and designing, but every so often the mood hits and I have to scribble something down. Since I like to write with rhythms and vocal inflections in mind, I've included mp3s of some of the poems being read as well.

I'm also currently conducting an experiment using an aspect of the Creative Commons concept and an idea of my own called middlepublishing. I'm posting a number of works here under Creative Commons licenses: some are free for redistribution, as long as you tell me about it so I can list where they've appeared, and some are available for a small fee. The idea is, if you've come across a piece of mine that you like, and you're currently working on a project and you'd like to include something, you can either use a piece that's appeared elsewhere or will eventually appear elsewhere for free, or you can pony up a little and get the exclusive rights to a different work. If you're interested in an exclusive use contract, or if you yourself are interested in conducting an experiment like this, drop me a line and we'll set something up!