Geoffrey Long
Other Writing

This is where all the rest of my writing falls – well, the big stuff, anyway. Again, if you ask nicely, I might e-mail you a copy in exchange for some constructive feedback.

Film/Stage Experiments

Screenplay (1997)

Dreamrunners was a group project with my friends George Faerber, Devin Knowles and SarahScott Brett, done for a college class on the biology of science fiction. The premise: aliens crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1945, but in this version it was a ship the size of a city that crashed and began to colonize earth. 50 years later, the religious right is on a crusade to exterminate these "demons from the heavens", and one young man in particular finds himself perilously trapped between the two worlds.


Small States
Mixed-genre experiment (2000)

Small States was an experiment on blending two different types of stories: straightforward fiction and screenplay writing. The wrapping story revolves around an elderly screenwriter alone in his apartment, and the screenplay he's writing tells a magical-realist love story about two young artists who fall in love over Edward Hopper.