Geoffrey Long

Amurru and Hammurabi

I bow to you, Amurru, here, on bended knee,
I, Hammurabi, King of Babylon, kneel and whisper,
Genuflecting for almost three hundred years.

I, Hammurabi, King of Babylon,
kneel to you, Amurru, in the shelter of your house,
I bow, faithfully, as I have done for three hundred years.
My gold is gone, worn away or stolen,
My life is gone, washed away long ago,
My name is barely here, in my ears,
But still, I am here, with you.
I kneel, and whisper, and bow, and repent –
I am lonely, at last; will you not reply?




Amurru and Hammurabi
© Geoffrey Long, 2005
Lines: 13
Words: 97

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