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A Poet's iPod Guide to Art

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Fixing Disney

Fixing AOL

Digital Video Poetry

Bluetooth PCN

Concept Essays

Every now and then, things pop into my head that I really, really wish somebody would do. A lot of the time, I take a crack at them. Sometimes, though, there are things that I'd like to try but I don't even know where to start. If you've stumbled into this section and think you'd like to work with me on one of these projects, please drop me a line.

At the moment, this section includes a mission statement for the future of my magazine, Inkblots ("On Middlepublishing"), three essays I wrote on my weblog, On Action Figures and Transmedia Storytelling, Fixing AOL and Fixing Disney, and abstracts for a couple of ideas I'd like to try: A Poet's iPod Guide to Art, a Bluetooth Personal Communications Network (PCN) and a Video Poetry Festival. Enjoy the blue-sky thinking!