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Geoffrey Long is a media analyst, scholar, and storyteller exploring transmedia experiences, emerging entertainment platforms and the future of entertainment as the Lead Narrative Producer for the Narrative Design Team at Microsoft Studios. He is an alum of the MIT Comparative Media Studies program, a FoE Fellow with the Futures of Entertainment community, and a co-editor of the Playful Thinking book series from the MIT Press. His personal site can be found at

Robin Sloan, media inventor.

I love this bit from Robin Sloan’s About Me page: What’s a media inventor, anyway? I think it’s someone primarily interested in content—words, pictures, ideas—who also experiments with new formats, new tools, and new technology. Allen Lane was a media inventor. Early bloggers were media inventors. The indie video game scene is full of media […]

Interesting stats for tangible game experiences.

Disney Infinity sells 294K copies in its first two weeks. Disney reportedly spent upwards of $100MM on the project, with execs keeping a keen eye on its performance. According to a spokesman, “We’re very pleased with the launch in both the U.S. and globally, and believe Disney Infinity is well-positioned for the critical holiday sales […]

On WyrdCon 4.

I’ve been to a lot of conferences in my life at this point. As in, a lot. My friend Donald Brinkman (@brinkmanship) at Microsoft Research in Seattle keeps a collection of his conference badges hanging in his office, all clustered together like some strange bundle of obscure herbs in a rustic kitchen. Me, I have […]

An x factor.

I’m digging this trend (a couple years old by now but still worthy of appreciation) of collaborations marked with an x. TEDx Transmedia. Monocle x Samsung. MAKR x Monster Children. Stumptown x Poler. It’s a bit hipstery, sure, but I like the implication that the collaboration isn’t just A + B, but A x B […]

Hello world. (Again.)

It feels decidedly odd to be writing here again. Delightful, yes. Wonderful, sure. But also very strange. It’s been almost exactly a year since I last posted something here, and it’s been three years since I stopped blogging more or less regularly. When I joined Microsoft, I couldn’t talk about what I was doing there […]

On having one’s hands full.

A quick note to apologize for the silence around these parts. Long story short, my full-time gig as the Lead Narrative Producer for Microsoft Studios’ Narrative Design Team is sucking up most of my bandwidth, and I (obviously) can’t blog about most of what goes on there. Further, any bandwidth I have left over is […]

On the Love and Hate of Harold Bloom (Revised)

(Note: since publishing the original version of this essay, I received two extremely nasty, insulting comments from people I don’t know. Rather than publish the comments – because the vitriol in them is not something I care to have cluttering up my blog – I’m revisiting the essay to attempt to clarify my original point, […]

Interesting CFP: ASA 2012 Panel on Transmedia Empires

Found this on my Comix-Scholars mailing list. I can’t make it to Puerto Rico next year, but maybe one of you can? CFP: ASA Panel 2012 – Transmedia Empires: The Impact of Transmedia Storytelling on the Paradigm of Empire and Resistance The ASA Annual Meeting San Juan, Puerto Rico November 15-18, 2012 Abstracts Due: 2011-11-20 […]

Afloat, adrift, and (briefly) alone.

I’m writing this on Liwet, my silver sliver of a laptop (a 2011 MacBook Air that I bought for the precise purpose of grabbing writing time in strange places) while seated behind the wheel of my car, waiting for the ferry to shove off from Edmonds and cross the sound over to Kingston. I’ve got […]

The Fall 2011 Lecture Circuit.

Autumn 2011 is going to see me on a lot of planes. On October 4th, I’ll be a guest lecturer in Henry Jenkins’ transmedia storytelling class at USC (see Henry’s full syllabus here – I am honored to be among some amazing presenters, and I would kill to take that class), and then I’ll be […]