Tip of the Quill: A Journal
Interesting stats for tangible game experiences.
  • Disney Infinity sells 294K copies in its first two weeks. Disney reportedly spent upwards of $100MM on the project, with execs keeping a keen eye on its performance. According to a spokesman, “We’re very pleased with the launch in both the U.S. and globally, and believe Disney Infinity is well-positioned for the critical holiday sales season.”
  • Skylanders hits 1.5B lifetime revenue. The expansion, Skylanders Giants, moved 500K units in its first two weeks of sale (again, compared to 294K for Disney Infinity). Apparently the franchise is picking up steam: “The new lifetime revenue total of $1.5 billion indicates that the series is as lucrative as ever. The series debuted in October 2011, and didn’t reach $1 billion in sales until February 2013. It has added a further $500 million in just seven months.”
  • Jordan Weisman’s Golem Arcana is at $178K/$500K with 27 days to go. I’ve not gotten into tabletop gaming previously, but this is starting to look like a world worthy of devotion.