Tip of the Quill: A Journal
The Fall 2011 Lecture Circuit.

Autumn 2011 is going to see me on a lot of planes. On October 4th, I’ll be a guest lecturer in Henry Jenkins’ transmedia storytelling class at USC (see Henry’s full syllabus here – I am honored to be among some amazing presenters, and I would kill to take that class), and then I’ll be presenting for the second time at GDC Online (which used to be GDC Austin) in the Game Writing track October 10-13. Then, at the end of the month, I’ll be part of a panel discussion at the first-ever Storyworld Conference in San Francisco, which is shaping up to be amazing. November’s much more tentative, but it looks like I might be giving another talk in Vancouver, and perhaps flying up to Boston to hang out at the Futures of Entertainment 5 conference if time allows. Come say hello if you’ll be around!

In other news, the new car (which we named Samwise, since it’s small, reliable, and the best traveling companion anyone could hope for) is absolutely amazing, and we’ve put over 2000 miles on him in the month-and-change that we’ve had him around. The day job has me hopping, working on things that I can’t tell anyone about but are going to turn some serious heads in the next couple of years. All this and I’m still trying to steal time to write and do other creative work during my long commute and in any spare moments I can carve out. In short, life is good – intensely busy, but very, very good.