Tip of the Quill: A Journal
SG0801: The kickoff!

A little context: I turned 31 on Saturday, at which point I promptly fled to country for Singapore. America is a country for the young, I decided. I will therefore leave it to its starlets and its High School Musicals.
No, actually I’m in Singapore to help shill for GAMBIT at SIGGRAPH Asia 2008, where I’ll be hanging out at the GAMBIT booth and telling people about the wonderous amounts of fun and hijinks that are to be had in our summer program. I’m also here to just get a sense of the place, which should be a huge help for my job in general. It was decidedly weird to go from celebrating 31 with Laura and my parents in Boston to jump on a plane and fly literally halfway around the world, but I have friends here that I’m hoping to meet up with ASAP so they can show me around.
One thing I’ve decided to try out, though, is using the video function of my Canon Elph SD890IS to videoblog this excursion. So far I’m finding out it has a sort of crappy microphone, but that’s not that surprising. The video above was grabbed while waiting for the plane from Boston to London to take off, and I’ll upload some more travel videos momentarily. Tomorrow: tourism!
Wish me luck!