Tip of the Quill: A Journal
So, about Book III…

Dang it. For those of you following my misadventures with my The Winter Children project, book two was originally supposed to be called Wolfmother instead of Children of Winter, Children of Wolves, but I scrapped that when someone pointed out the Wikipedia page of a certain Australian hard rock band. Now my plans for Book III being called The Wild Hunt are probably going to be scuttled because, lo and behold, that’s also the name of the new Hellboy arc that just kicked off this week.
What’s annoying about this is that I knew that – as a big Mignola fan, I must have read about that new title months ago, and just filed it away in the back of my head, tagging it as something cool, and then when I was brainstorming for Children of Winter, Children of Wolves it popped in there. As Hellboy himself would say, “Crap.”
Still, it’s not the end of the world. I like Children of Winter, Children of Wolves better as a title than Wolfmother anyway, so I’ll probably come up with something better than The Wild Hunt eventually. Right now we’ll just consider that the working title, shall we?