Geoffrey Long

The Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab at MIT's Comparative Media Studies Program was an international collaboration that furthered game studies and experimental game design. During the academic year, MIT scholars would explore new areas of game studies and development research. In the summer, Singapore would send a number of their best undergraduates interested in game design to Boston, where they would be placed into teams with students from MIT, the Berklee School of Music and the Rhode Island School of Design. Over the course of eight weeks, each team would build a playable prototype game that would test out the research areas of the MIT scholars.

Over the course of the research project, GAMBIT won numerous awards, including a number for its first commercial release, Carnivale. This research is archived and remains publicly available at

During my time at GAMBIT, I was both a Researcher (looking into games and transmedia storytelling, naturally) and the lab's Communications Director (I designed its logo, its website, and handled most of the writing duties for our press releases and marketing materials). I also helped out on various games as needed, including doing much of the writing and voice acting work for our award-winning game Waker. For more on Waker, please visit its page in the Storyteller section.



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