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CONATHON09.XX: Slides and PDF

A brief interlude (hence the XX in the title) to say that my talk at Pictoplasma this afternoon went smashingly well, although I was up until 4AM last night reworking my slides into a fairly heavily reworked edition. A 25MB .zip file of the Keynote slides and PDF of said new edition is now available on my lectures and presentations page, or by clicking right here, or by clicking the below title card graphic.

From Plot to Character to World

Those of you who are interested in the rest of the stuff I have to say on transmedia narratives should check out my Master's thesis, "Transmedia Storytelling: Business, Aesthetics and Production at the Jim Henson Company", right here. (I really need to finish converting this into a book – the demand is definitely there.)

I've also been making a ton of great new friends and contacts while hanging out here – in a way, Pictoplasma feels like SXSW back in 2003. More details (and more videoblogs) tomorrow!

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