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Masochism incarnate: NaNoWriMo AND DrawMo 2009.

Because I am completely barking mad, I've decided to attempt both NaNoWriMo and DrawMo this month. So far DrawMo is winning, as "Lanterns" indicates, but I have several things kicking around for the story already. I'm trying to decide if a series of interconnected short stories counts as cheating for NaNoWriMo. I hope not. (Hey, if people can publish such things as novels, I think I'm in the clear – and coming out of this with a handful of short stories I can shop around would be worth its weight in gold.

I'm also wondering if conference/journal proposals and interviews should count towards the word count – on this I'm leaning towards definitely not, which is too bad – I've been writing more of those lately than I care to think about!

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