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It's worth noting that late last night I added eight new illustrations to my Illustration portfolio. One of them is the office that I uploaded earlier this week, another is the Bitchin' Camaro (now retitled "Who's Driving?"), three of them are from Bones of the Angel and two are from my days at the old dayjob. The one called "Staff Meeting" was from when we had a particularly offensive guest speaker show up. I forget who it was, but this guy was the oiliest, slimiest fellow I've ever had the displeasure of meeting. Yuck.

It's also worth noting that there are three pictures of Michael Coldman, the main character from my novel, up there. One's a headshot, one's a full-body shot, and one's an action shot. The discrepancies between these three images are huge, and one of the main reasons why I'm reluctant to actually try my hand at the graphic novel I want to do. In short, I have a hard time drawing the same character exactly the same way twice. Oh, well – I was hoping to do something in time for this year's Small Press Expo back in Bethesda, but I don't see that happening on my current timeframe. Maybe next year.

I also have a huge pile of critters that I could upload from my "monsters" collection, the bad guys from my nebulous video game idea, but I'm not sure the best way to do that. I'm beginning to think that what I really want to do is scan hundreds of these bad boys and then just make one big movie with 'em all, one enormous QuickTime MTV-cut slideshow as a presentation. I think that would be almost the ultimate portfolio. Maybe this weekend?


I'm curious as to who the speaker was...

I honestly don't remember. I just remember sitting there (I think it was in the classroom) and getting angrier and angrier at the completely vapid corporate fluffery that this guy was spewing. He was laying it on with a trowel.

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