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Put some color on?

So Apple just launched new colors for the iPod shuffle – the same palette, mostly, as the iPod nanos. Mostly – for some reason there’s an orange shuffle but no orange nano, and (annoyingly) a black nano but no black shuffle. I myself would only be interested in a silver or black shuffle, so if […]


Apple changes everything again.

If you’ve missed the news, you’ve been under a rock – Apple just stitched up the online video market. Between the new video iPod and iTunes 6 (which lets you buy and download music videos and ABC TV shows for $1.99) it’s a brave, brave, brave new world. I can’t get over how huge this […]


Bringing down iTunes.

So this week I’ve finally started to solve the multicomputer problem. I’d been working on all kinds of different ideas for how to handle syncing my data between my different machines, and finally – with the help of John Hicks I hit upon the solution – queue up the PowerBook as a FireWire drive and […]


Prayer works.

Anybody else remember that Wired cover story a few years ago with an Apple logo sporting a crown of thorns and the caption, “Pray”? Well, Salon.com suggests that maybe The Big Guy was listening after all: Hallelujah, the Mac is back.