Tip of the Quill: A Journal
Bringing down iTunes.

So this week I’ve finally started to solve the multicomputer problem. I’d been working on all kinds of different ideas for how to handle syncing my data between my different machines, and finally – with the help of John Hicks I hit upon the solution – queue up the PowerBook as a FireWire drive and boot from that bad boy. Now I’m reconfiguring things in interesting ways, and starting to suspect that somewhere in the next six months I’m going to wind up investing in a monstrously huge iPod photo as well as an iPod shuffle for exercising. To that end, I’m also cleaning up my current collection and tagging as many of the mp3s as possible with art from Amazon. As I am also an English geek, I’m also using some great AppleScripts to clean up the titles and tags. For example, “fly me to the moon” becomes “Fly Me to the Moon” (and major props to Cantus Vetustus, the dubiously-named author of the Proper English Capitalization AppleScript for allowing me to automatically make this really work, instead of resulting in merely “Fly Me To The Moon”). However, if I’d thought about it, I’d have probably realized that setting a script free on over 7000 songs would have been enough to bring iTunes to its knees.
Oops. Learn from my mistakes, kids.