Tip of the Quill: A Journal
Experiments in aggregation.

For a while now I’ve been kicking around the idea of how best to aggregate the writing I’ve been doing in various places. It seems sort of obnoxious (not to mention inefficient) to make a short “check out my new blog entry” cross-posting here every time I post something relevant to the other places I post (such as the Interstitial Arts Foundation, C3 and GAMBIT), so I’ve been trying to hammer out a different way to go about it. Movable Type 4.25 incorporates their newest product, Motion, which trends towards what I had in mind. I’ve just spent the better part of the day bolting the Action Streams components of MT4.25/Motion into the templates for this blog, and it’s starting to show fruit - although there’s still a lot of debugging to do.
The post directly below this one at http://www.geoffreylong.com/journal is evidence of this – it’s a syndicated link from my del.icio.us account, as indicated by the foursquare logo by the title. I’ve bolted in my Goodreads account as well, although it looks like I’ll need to post another review over there before it’ll show up here. The real goal is still to get something like reblog working to import my posts from the other blogs, but I suspect its current dysfunctionality is due to a faulty cronjob. Or something.
As I said, experiments are afoot - apologies if things look fairly sketchy around here for a while.