Tip of the Quill: A Journal
Suddenly, a Comic-Con appeared!

For the last couple of weeks, Laura’s been threatening to strangle me because I’ve been doing more waffling than Belgium. The cause? Oh, just a little thing called the New York Comic-Con.
See, we went last year and had a wonderful time, and up until recently I’d been planning (and really looking forward to) our return trip. Then January rolled around and I was doing our budget for the year (what with Teh Hitchingâ„¢ going down in October and all). Suddenly a Comic-Con looked a lot less feasible.
Then, in the last couple of weeks, the number of people going to Comic-Con started to pop out of the woodwork, including David, Ellen, Elizabeth and Stephen. It was becoming increasingly clear that from a professional standpoint, it was only making sense to go. Clearly. Or, at the very least, that I could write off the trip on my taxes.
So, suddenly a Comic-Con has appeared on my calendar! Laura and I are jumping in the car here in about an hour and doing the four-hour drive to NYC (barring traffic time), where we will be staying in New Jersey with Sam and Amanda, then heading into the Con on Saturday, seeing as many people as humanly possible and then meeting up with our friend Emily from Columbia in the evening. Sunday morning will be up to interpretation.
So, yes! I’m coming to New York! Anyone else in town who might want to get together (*cough*IvanChrisVanessaKaren*cough*) should shoot me a text and let me know when you’ll be available. Big Apple, here we come!