Tip of the Quill: A Journal
An old dream realized.
The Big Lie That Solves Everything

Thanks to the hard work of my old friend Bill Coughlan and our film troupe Tohubohu Productions, I have recently had an old dream realized.
I am now in the IMDB.
The film that got me there is The Big Lie That Solves Everything, the third short film I produced with Tohubohu and our entry for the 48 Hour Film Festival in Washington, DC back in 2005. I gotta say, four years later and I still love this movie. In a way, it’s almost a modern-day mashup of the Bible and Arabian Nights – you can see it in its entirety at the link above, or check out the movie, its trailer and its one-sheet posters at its page on the Tohobuhu site.
At some point I’ll have a second film on my profile for my work on the Neil Gaiman Live at MIT – the Julius Schwartz Lecture DVD, but right now I’m totally tickled to be on there at all.
Too. Dang. Cool.