Tip of the Quill: A Journal
Announcing Eludamos Volume 2, Number 2.

I’d like to announce the release of Eludamos, the Journal for Computer Game Culture, which is now available for reading online as HTML or downloading as a PDF at eludamos.org. The table of contents for this issue includes:

  • An introduction by Gareth Schott
  • “Using Literary Theory to Read Games: Power, Ideology, and Repression in Atlus’ Growlanser: Heritage of War” by Johansen Quijano-Cruz
  • “Video Game Play Effects on Dreams: Self-Evaluation and Content Analysis” by Jayne Isabel Gackenbach and Beena Kuruvilla
  • “”You Are Dead. Continue?”: Conflicts and Complements in Game Rules and Fiction” by Jason Tocci
  • “A Review of Agent Emotion Architectures” by Stuart Ian Slater, Robert Moreton, Kevan Buckley and Andrew Bridges
  • “Thinking out of the box (and back in the plane). Concepts of space and spatial representation in two classic adventure games.” by Connie Veugen and Felipe Quérette
  • “”We don’t want it changed, do we?” – Gender and Sexuality in Role Playing Games” by Arne Schroeder
  • “Play belongs to Everybody”: An interview with the Ludica Collective by Cindy Poremba
  • “Mass(ively) Effect(ive): Emotional Connections, Choice, and Humanity” by Natalie M. Ward
  • Grand Theft Auto IV Considered as an Atrocity Exhibition” by Martin Pichlmair
  • “The 3D Story” by Tamer Thabet

This is the first issue where I’m serving as a section editor and proofreader, and I’m honored to be included in the editorial staff of this up-and-coming journal of game studies. Check it out!