Tip of the Quill: A Journal
Graphic Journalism.
Geoff and the box

One day this week I came into the lab and discovered a big, hefty box on my office doorstep. In it was the large order I’d sort of forgotten that I’d placed from the big huge sale that Top Shelf was having earlier, including a big stack of the diary comics of James Kochalka, Superstar. Above I’ve posted a quick diary comic sketch (one panel does not a comic make) from the day it arrived; I should note that my nose is not that big at all, but hey – it’s a rough sketch. I have more that I should scan and post from other days this week (including yesterday, when I spent the first half at Worcester Polytechnic giving a game adaptation workshop with Matt Weise and the second half cursing at and bemoaning the condition of Laura’s car, which is apparently deciding to give up the ghost at a very inopportune time). We’ll see what I can do.
Right now I’m still struggling to catch up on my workload, a state of affairs that is truly exacerbated by feeling a little down in the dumps due to the weather (cold and rainy) and the aforementioned condition of said car. Better times will ensue shortly, I’m sure – especially since I have the twin pleasures of the new Lego Batman game and seeing McCain get utterly spanked in tonight’s debates waiting for me at home.
Man, I hope Obama brings his A game. This should be something to behold.