Geoffrey Long

Music has always been a part of my life. I taught myself to play the piano by ear pretty early on – my parents had this old, horribly out-of-tune upright piano in the living room that I would pound on pretty regularly. I never took lessons, and never learned to read piano sheet music, but I learned enough to want to pursue other forms of music. I went on to sing in various choirs, including the Ohio Musical Educators' Association State Choir, the Triway High School Downstage Choir and the Kenyon College Concert Singers. I also play the tenor saxophone, which I've been playing off and on since the fifth grade.

The MP3s I've included here are recent experiments using Apple's GarageBand. They're really rough, given that the vocals were recorded using just the built-in microphone in my PowerBook, which has an awful fan racket that kicks on every time I try to use GarageBand (due to the huge amount of processor power I assume GarageBand needs). When I upgrade to an external microphone and a PowerMac G5, I'll replace these tracks with some new versions. Until then, these should provide at least some idea of what I'm working on.

Spoken Word

January Visiting
2:26, 2.7MB


God and Ducks
3:25, 3.8MB


Secretly (Erratic Symphony #1)
5:57, 6.7MB