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Announcing the Spring 2009 GAMBIT Games!
Keep an eye on the Load Game section of the GAMBIT website! Over the next couple of weeks, we're going to be launching the Spring 2009 lineup of GAMBIT games, including The Bridge, Moki Combat (v2.0), Rosemary, and the digital version of Tipping Point.
Rosemary screenshot
The first of these is Rosemary, which is an adventure game in the style of The Secret of Monkey Island that experiments with the idea of nostalgia as a game mechanic. Check it out now at, then read game designer Clara Fernandez-Vara's postmortem of the game on the GAMBIT Updates blog! In related news, we've also posted the bios for the Summer 2009 students – check them out now in the Credits section of the GAMBIT site!

There seems to be a big bug in "Rosemary." The game shuts itself down as soon as I put the rope and hook on the well. I played through a second time to make sure it wasn't just something I did accidentally, but the same thing happened the second time.

If it is helpful information, I was playing on a computer running Windows Vista.

Another small but annoying thing I noticed was that for some reason, if I brought my cursor close to the left side of the screen, it was attracted to the left side. Not stuck, exactly, but kind of loosely glued. Hard to explain. Also, the cursor seemed to be repelled by the right side of the screen. I had a hard time getting it within an inch of the black bar on the right side.

Hope that information helps.

Otherwise, it was a fun concept for a game.

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