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If I were in Ohio...

I'd totally be attending P. Craig Russell's appearance tonight at OSU's Wexner Center. Here's the description of the event from the site:

Wayne Alan Harold and P. Craig Russell introduce Night Music: The Art of P. Craig Russell

Night Music provides an illuminating behind-the-scenes look at one of the most acclaimed and interesting comic book artists working today, P. Craig Russell. Director Wayne Alan Harold and artist Russell both offer comments about their experiences in making the film.

Before the screening, come by the Wexner Center Store where Russell will be signing copies of his work, including his graphic novel adaptation of Coraline, at 6 PM.

Born in Wellsville, Ohio, and now living in Kent, Russell quickly established himself as one of the most distinctive artists in the fantasy genre with early work on Doctor Strange for Marvel Comics in the mid 1970s. He has since created mesmerizing interpretations of characters ranging from Conan to Neil Gaiman's Sandman, along with a string of astonishing adaptations of operas (The Magic Flute and Salome among them) and of Gaiman's children's classic Coraline. (80 mins., video)

While I'm not wholly certain I'd call Coraline a classic just yet, this is definitely something I'm sorry to be missing. Hey you Ohio friends, go in my stead, would you? Here's a clip from the movie to whet your appetite:

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