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[C3] Whedon's New Business Model 'Horribly' Awesome

I have a new post up today at the MIT Convergence Culture Consortium: Whedon's New Business Model 'Horribly' Awesome. In it I examine a couple of the highlights from the thoroughly exciting interview Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Dollhouse) gave to Wharton at U Penn last week. Check out both the article and my commentary - from the perspective of a transmedia scholar and someone interested in doing direct-to-Internet video storytelling, this piece is an absolute must-read.


Hi Geoffrey:

I made it to NYCC on Sunday and attended the Dollhouse and Fringe panels. Whedon was definitely a treat! He's a genius! Thanks for posting the link to his Knowledge@Wharton interview. This is exactly what I wished he would have addressed during the panel.

The Fringe panel was a let down.


Hey, Gladys! Thanks for the report – I wish I would have made it myself, but c'est la vie.

I'm really hoping that Whedon decides to write up his findings with the Dr. Horrible experiment in some more formal (and lengthy) format and releases it out into the wild for the rest of us to pore over in more detail. While a number of things in his experiment aren't reproducible by those of us in the trenches (the favors, the power of Whedon's existing fanbase, the star power of Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris) there's still a ton to be learned there.

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