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The big day arrives: the Julius Schwartz Lecture.

No, not my wedding. This evening is the inaugural Julius Schwartz Lecture, an event I've been helping to plan, produce and otherwise bring into existence for the last year. As a result, and as a reward, today I am the personal handler for Neil Gaiman, a man who's been a role model for me since I was in junior high. To say that I'm excited (and not a little nervous) would be a major understatement.

For the event I've written articles and designed posters, websites, badges, programs, and, a personal first, the MIT homepage. I've been the major point of contact for Neil, helped coordinate efforts on the back-end, run tons of errands, and otherwise put my fingerprints all over this baby. And now that it's all happening, I'm more or less sitting back, going by my extremely granular schedule, and praying that the wheels don't come off this thing at any point (or that the skies don't elect to open up and start pouring rain on us all).

Pictures and other accounts of this evening's chaos to follow. Details at for the interested. Wish us luck!

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