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Postmortem: 30|08.
Well, that didn't work.  The last time I did a "30 poems in 30 days" project, it was two years ago and I wound up writing them poems in huge blocks.  They were much shorter and all followed a similar theme.  This time around I tried to do longer works on wider themes and, well, it didn't fly.  Part of this is because I haven't been feeling very poetic lately due to my brain being stuck largely in analytic mode due to work -- lots of writing being done on the MIT side of things.  More on that in a minute, but the upshot of 30|08 is that it was a great idea but faltered on the execution.  Oh, well -- I'm still proud of some of the stuff it generated, but next time I'll be sure to set aside more time just for that type of project.

Better news coming monetarily!
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