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On writing.

So I'm currently six poems behind in the 2008 edition of 30, my semi-annual '30 poems in 30 days' experiment for National Poetry Month. Hopefully I can make up the difference this weekend, or as this week goes along; ironically, it's not because I haven't had the time to write that I'm behind so much as I've been writing other things. This week I wrote two ~1800-word essays for the Convergence Culture Consortium, one on the blogosphere's reaction to Flickr Video and the logic behind niche web applications and another, behind C3's content firewall in the C3 Weekly Update, about HarperCollins' new publishing imprint that's attempting to do away with the author advance. Then, this morning, I woke up to an email from a mother on Facebook curious about what her son might expect from four years at Kenyon, which resulted in a ~1200-word essay of a response.

I'm also hard at work on some consulting projects which I'd write more about if they weren't still in development, but suffice it to say that those projects are helping Laura and I to dig out from under some unexpected vet bills and theoretically helping to pay for us to go to Greece this summer – I've had a paper accepted to the 2008 International Toy Researchers Association Conference, as have my friends Barry Kudrowitz and Philip Tan. There was a little while there this week where it looked like the trip might not happen for Laura and I, but now I'm feeling optimistic about it again. Woo! Greece!

So, yes. More details as they develop, and more poems as I get 'em done. :)

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