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Catching up, kind of.
Five new poems posted today, and I'm still five behind.  I've halved the gap between me and being caught up, but I need to get another flash of inspiration here if I'm going to finish 30 poems in 30 days.  It's my own fault this year - last year I wrote them all on a specific theme (character sketches) and banged out a whole mess of tiny little poems.  This year they're longer and often more esoteric.  I really like where some of the poems this year have been going, and they're more representative of my current state of mind (a mix of art, mythology and technology, natch) but yep, definitely more time has been going into this year's batch.

I know I have to get these finished up soon, because it won't be long before the summer movie season kicks off and my brain will turn to mush.  There's only two weekends between now and August 8th when there isn't a new movie opening that I'm excited to see.  That's seventeen films opening up this summer, and if you assume $20 a pop ($10 a ticket for me and Laura, and that's before popcorn or other munchies), I have to pencil in a $340 movie budget.  Ouch!
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