Geoffrey Long
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30|08:04 V to V
Tell me a story of swords and sandals,
Set in the Vatican, the Pope versus the Devil,
The streets cloaked in fog and the sun long gone,
Long sweeping shots establishing the mood
Just as keenly as the eerie tinkling tones,
Philip Glass in the background.

From V-1 to V-2:
The deep canals covered in moss,
The whispering trickles of water now still,
No boatmen poling their ways home,
No cats crouching on stone windowsills,
Time is frozen in this darkened silent second,
As still and as cold as blood,
Tricksters lurking behind darkened carnival windows,
Peering out from behind a hundred marionettes,
Winged lions aching to surge,
Waiting for word from the City of God.
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